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March 30th 2010

Latest news from RapidShare about privacy of customers. Since there have been a lot of rumors floating around the web saying that rapidshare and banning accounts that download/store illegal files, Rapidshare have released a statement in fear of losing customers. Funny though, with their rewards/payment program gone, they are losing customers, but they do not seem to be in the mood to do something to benefit their customers.

False reports confuse RapidShare customers

March 29, 2010

During the last couple of days some e-mails created confusion, imputing illegal activities to the recipients and stating that RapidShare was collecting data against the Privacy Policy for legal purposes. The e-mails also advised the users to seek legal council. These emails are faked and did not originate from us. If you have received such a message, please contact our support, because your Premium Account might have been "phished". The fake e-mails are sent to keep you from contacting us.

In fact, nothing has changed at RapidShare over the last days. We are still not collecting any information about which user downloads which files. We are still successfully fighting in court against requests to open or scan our customers' files, be it by our staff or by use of content recognition technologies. We are still defending data privacy rights on the internet.

Of course, you still have to comply with our terms and conditions. If content owners bring to our attention that some of our customers have obviously distributed pirated copies of their content repeatedly or at a large scale, we reserve the right to close these accounts without previous notice.


March 20th 2010

Called them again, just to confirm the horrible news.
  • Pending rewards will not be shipped
  • Rewards program is discontinued
  • I asked them why when i called before they said pending rewards will be shipped and they said "we did not receive the correct information from our rewards department"
  • I wanted to yell at the rewards department but it is not possible for him to transfer me through

March 18th 2010

Going to keep it short. Too disappointed to elaborate.

Called again (sorry for the wait)
Pending rewards will not be honored. They have been deleted.
Rewards system is not coming back.
The people support that said pending rewards will be honored had no clue what they are talking about.

RS is going down hill, and soon will become a halt.

March 12th 2010

Rapidshare have removed the news about the temporary discontinuation of rewards from their reward page. Seems a bit odd, i will call them on Monday once their offices open again to find out whats happening.

Rapidshare have introduced donations via your rapidpoints.
This is a great idea for the money hungry rapidshare, they donate money to charity and their taxes come tumbling down.
This is how the system works, many countries give you a substantial tax return if you donate a part of your profits to charity.
So lets call your rapidpoints your earnings.
You give your earnings to rapidshare -> rapidshare gives your earnings to charity -> rapidshare's taxes go down.
RapidShare end up benefiting.
RapidDonations: Do good with RapidPoints

March 12, 2010

Have you ever wished for a possibility of donating to an aid project with just one click? We are happy to present our new project "RapidDonations". In a matter of seconds, you can give some of your RapidPoints to a charitable organization, and RapidShare will turn them into a valuable monetary donation. For more details please visit our donation page."

March 9th 2010

Called them twice, asking the same questions, have a read :)

Well, i called Rapidshare again to confirm what was said in the first call (below) here is what their support said:
  • Pending rewards will be shipped.
  • They are re-vamping the system, they are keeping the rewards system but making changes.
  • They rewards program is temporarily discontinued because:
  1. People are asking for a receipt with their reward.
  2. People want rapidshare to label the rewards as a gift because they are being charged custom duties,
  3. Rapidshare are having a slight problem with customs in some countries (he did not mention why).
March 8th 2010


I just got off the phone with RapidShare support this is all the info i could squeeze out of him:

  • Reward system will continue
  • Pending rewards will be sent out, but timeframe (shipping time) will be greater
  • They plan to restore the program within a few days, with modification (he cant tell me what those modifications are)
  • They had to halt the program because they are trying to find a way to decrease copyrighted material being stored on their servers, these were his words "i dont mean a few files, but thousands of copyrighted files are generating points"


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